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Prophetic Word 2004


Prophetic Word for 2004

Words given through Pastor Paula Baker

January 2004

2004 will be a year of contradictions, great disasters, and great blessings and miracles. A year of separation of the dark from the Light. A year of choosing sides, no fence sitting allowed. A year of being released into your ministries and a year of being released from things that have held you back. This will be a year of deep worship, on a brand new level, many tabernacles of David being raised up. This is a year that more people will travel for the Lord, some who have not traveled for Him before will find themselves on planes, trains and automobiles. There will be new levels of intercession as the war for control over our country escalates. Signs and wonders will happen all over the globe, we must stretch our faith to believe for the miraculous. There will also be much tribulation in many parts of the world. There will be more networking of ministries this year as well as a stronger networking of intercessors across cities, counties, regions, states and countries. More of the Glory will be experienced as we press into the very throne room of God. This MUST be a year of undivided focus for the people of God. Recognize distractions for what they are, the enemies plans to keep you out of God’s presence and out of your destiny.